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TamTam-Professional is designed for companies, which are endowed with added service value aimed at enhancing their management capacity.

These services make it possible to adapt the service to the needs of microenterprises, or to large public or private tenders.

No entry or exit barriers, without licenses or investments. Payment for use, and tools and prices in line with the needs of each organization.


TamTam-Basic allows you to comply the legal requirements of Labor Inspection for minimum cost.

  • Audited timetable by legal offices.
  • Without devices` installation.
  • Pay for what you use, without fear.
  • All this on a self-service basis.




TamTam-Retail is a package of services provided by Peixe Software in large companies of the Fashion and Retail sector.

  • Management and control of all Facility Services` subcontractors.
  • Platform of requests and answers` follow-up.
  • Contracts under service level (SLA).
  • Documentation and service surveys.
  • Help Desk support and On-Site.