Gyakran Ismételt Kérdések TamTam-Home

  • How does the TamTam Home work?
    An employee has to make a phone call on arriving and leaving their shift from a landline telephone located in the home that he/she is working from. The employee will listen to an automated voice message asking him/her to key in their code: The employee should then key in his/her code which will consist of 8 digits, this will identify him/her and then following that he/she will hear an automated voice message which will say "your call has been registered, thank you" The follow-up data can be monitored at all times from any device that has an Internet connection 
  • What are the first steps to signing up to TamTam Home?
    First step: SIGN UP. To be able to do this you need to go to and click on the link Register here. At this point you should complete the online form with the information required. After you have sent the form you will receive an email with your username and password and an address link, which you will need to VALIDATE within the next 48 hours. Once that has been done you can to start using TamTam. ENJOY A FREE MONTH!
  •  What do I do once I am in TamTam Home?
    For the system to work it is essential you provide the following data:

    - The employees

    - The work centres as well as the telephone numbers from where the employees are going to make their calls.

    To HELP YOU PUT TOGETHER THIS INITIAL data TamTam provides you a FIRST STAGE HELP ASSITANCE, this helps you put together the necessary information to get started, employees, work centres and the schedules to make it as stress free as possible.

  • What are the differences between the Home and Professional version?
    TamTam Home is designed with having a home based worker in mind therefore provided with added value services, the professional version is designed towards providing companies the ability to boost their Management capacity. The following services are only offered through the TamTam professional version: A free Help Desk, uploading, Organic Law for data Protection, voice recognition service, classic technology as well as DIFFERENT ID TECHNOLOGIES, management of public holidays, advanced statistics tools (hours), etc..
  • Can I add more employees and schedules once I have signed up to the service?
     TamTam Home has scaled a maximum of 5 work centres and 10 employees per centre.
  • What costs are involved for the owner of the telephone? 
     Non. The phone calls are ALWAYS free.
  •  Does it work with mobile phones?
     Yes. Although the disadvantage is if a phone call is made from a mobile we cannot guarantee whether this person is calling from their place of work (your home)
  •  Do I need to invest in any hardware or software to be able to use TamTam?
    No. TamTam does not need any previous installation to be able to use it.
  •  I am calling but I cannot hear anything.
     Make sure you are dialling correctly the number for TamTam Home. Try calling again. If you still cannot hear anything send us an email from your TamTam Home to the technical service account ([email protected]) stating clearly: The number from which you are calling, the date and time you have made the phone call, the employee’s code you have dialled in and a description of the problem.
  •  I am doing everything as you have told me to do yet the TamTam controls do not appear.
     It is possible you have created a schedule and have not clicked on the link "Create todays’ shifts ". Should this the case it will be placed into action as from the next day. In other words; if today is Monday and you have created a schedule for all the days of the week but you have not clicked on "Create shifts today", as it is marked daily, the created shift will not appear until Tuesday. You can consult the section sign up to a schedule to find out how to create a shift for the day in question (current day).
  • How long does it take for the TamTam controls to appear?
     It generally takes around one to two minutes. It is possible there are times when the server is in the process of uploading and a call may be delayed slightly before it appears, although it should never exceeds any more than 10 minutes.
  •  What is the difference between it NO ENTRY and NO EXIT?
     The shift you have scheduled, for example 10:00h to 12:00h means NO ENTRY registered on time, if no incoming call has been registered between (the start of the shift minus the amount of minutes late) and (the start if the shift plus the amount of minutes late), in this instance the time between 09:30 and 10:30h. It is understood as NO ENTRY registered on time it should have been. If there are NO incoming calls between (the end of the shift minus the amount of minutes late) and (the end of the shift plus the amount of minutes late) in this case the time between 11:30h and 12:30h. (Punctuality incidences are by defect shown as 30 minutes late, but this can be changed according to the parametric services rendered in place)
  •  What is the maximum amount of people I can send alerts out to?
     Alerts for lateness (non shift compliance) will be sent to those email addresses on the data mail control field. They need to be keyed in separated by a coma one by one. Four is the maximum allowed.
  •  Can I return the coupon balance pending phone calls?
     This is possible if you permanently delete the contract/services rendered which display a positive balance. At the end of this process you will receive an email, which will ask you to get in contact with us, so we can reimburse you the balance in cases where you have a positive balance.
  •  Can I ask for telephone assistance with the Home service package?
     No, the assistance you receive via TamTam Home is exclusively via email. The TamTam professional service package does offer a telephone assistance support to its’ clients.
  •  Who uploads the information for TamTam Home?
     The employee, work centre and schedule data should be created by the signed up user displayed on the contract.
  •  Can I edit the existing data on TamTam Home?
     You can edit work centres, employees and schedule data and even the times scheduled for a shift that has already been closed. However, nobody, not even the supervisor user or administrator can edit the data corresponding to real time calls made.
  •  In order to identify a person should he/she always use his/her ID card number?
     No. Any 8-figure digit can be keyed in. But the most reliable data to record and is usually unique is the employees’ ID card number. If this is not the case the employee should memorise or write this down so TamTam can correctly recognise it.
  •  Can I sign up to several TamTam Home services?
     It is not advisable as from the same TamTam Home service you can create and manage all the work centres you generally need. In addition if you have already signed up to TamTam Home using your email address, TamTam will not allow you to sign up again. In these cases we advice you take the next package version up TamTam Professional.
  •  Can I control the night shifts over two days?
     Yes. You can create the following schedule for example from 22:00 to 04:00 the service will equate to a total of 6 hours (2 from the night before and 4 hours from the start of the next day)
  •  When do you receive the alerts?
     The alerts are generated by the system via email following a few minutes of tardiness (non shift compliance) after the start or the end of the shift, for alerts concerning NO ENTRY and NO EXIT respectively. The minutes recorded as late will be by defect 30 minutes but amending the options you have signed up to on your contract this can be changed.
  •  Are the alerts sent via email?
     They are sent to the email addresses that are displayed on the email field from the section alert control for each schedule. To receive them you have to click on the option NO ENTRY and/or NO EXIT lateness (non shift compliance)
  •  Should I constantly be checking the web in order to monitor/become aware of any service incidents?
     Referring to follow up of the services carried in your home by the home based worker you are free to monitor its’ status online at any time. The non-compliance shifts will appear in (red), not recorded exit (yellow), all correct (green), in the process (pale green) or not scheduled (blue) based on the calls made. If what you need is an alert letting you know the employee has not turned up to a shift or tardiness issues, you should activate the option alert control, you will then receive an alert via email if somebody has not turned up to a shift and/or they have not been punctual.
  •  Is TamTam a trustworthy service?
     If you have reason to believe that the personnel you are supposed to be supervising, are clocking each other in, we strongly recommend you sign up to the Professional package version of TamTam. This package provides voice recognition mechanisms of the employee and will verify whether this person is who he says he is.
  •  What happens if one day the telephone does not work at home?
     If the home telephone is out of order you can temporarily use another, for example a mobile. If a mobile is not signed up in the work centre, the calls will appear at the end of the daily page as “calls from unknown origin”. You are able to consult the section “Data of centre: telephones and schedules” on how to add more telephone numbers to a particular centre.
  •  How do I buy more coupons/vouchers?
     Only the users that are signed up to TamTam Home are able to purchase coupons/vouchers. This is an online purchase through the Sabadell Atlántico payment system with a credit card. By clicking on the application from the link purchase online coupons/vouchers you can then access the online purchase coupon/voucher option. If you do not have a positive balance on entering TamTam you will be redirected to the page online voucher purchase.
  •  Am I able to authorise other to see my data?
     Yes if you are a supervisor user. You are able to create new users through the request profile or through total access, as well as being able to select the screens you would like them to have access to, such as the roles you would like them to have access/permission to.
  •  What happens if I do not renew my coupon balance?
     The contract is no longer live. All the calls are discarded and eliminated. If the contract remains with a zero balance for more than a month, the contract will be signed off/discharged and the data deleted.
  •  Who is the supervisor user?
     Through the sign up process for TamTam Home, whoever signs up (process described in this manual) a contract is created whereby the person that has signed up for the service is automatically the supervisor.
  •  What happens if I delete a work centre?
     On deleting a work centre you delete your schedules, your shifts for the day and the telephones. The work centre will remain operative, and all that will be visible on consultation will be its’ history up until the date it has been deleted.
  •  What happens if I delete an employee?
     If you delete an employee you will delete his/her code and all the schedules associated to it. It will become non operational but you will still be able to consult its’ history.
  •  Can I add more than one telephone of origin?
     Yes. You can add all the home numbers you need.
  •  Can I include more than one schedule for an employee?
     Yes, you are able to add all the schedules and different timetables you like and are needed. Probably not advisable to add continued schedules one after the other, as if this is done the system will not function correctly. In other words, an employee that works from 10 to 11 on Mondays in a particular house and 11 to 12 on Mondays in the same house, this schedule is no longer logical and one schedule will be automatically displayed as 10 to 12.
  •  What happens when a telephone call is made outside the time schedule of the shift?
     If the is no incoming call registered and no shifts have been scheduled for this particular work centre the call will appear represented as small rectangular blue application. If more than one call is made the system will generate a blue shift with the start indicated by the first call and the second call the end of the shift. If there is a shift scheduled for this particular work centre the phone call will be represented by an icon in the form of a telephone on the time it has been made.
  •  What happens when a telephone call is made outside the time schedule of the shift?
     Yes. In the section phone calls made outside the scheduled shifts under START UP SCREEN: CURRENT AND RECENT STATE of the manual, you can find it described in detail on how to do it.
  •  The automated voice message is telling me "wrong code", what could be happening?
     Make sure you have signed up an employee with the code him/her is keying in. Make sure the code has been correctly saved in the employees’ section. Make sure that the person correctly has keyed in his/her code. If you continue having the same problem make the phone call yourself and key in the code and if the problem persists send an email to technical support ([email protected]) clearly indicating: Your email address, the telephone from which you have been having these problems, the time and date this problem occurred together with the code you have been trying to key in.
  •  If I change the employee's code when can he/she start using it?
     Straight after it has been changed
  •  I have blocked my username as I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?
     If you are not a supervisor you can contact your service supervisor. If you are the contract supervisor you should complete the form that appears before you when you try to access the application.
  •  I need to add more options (permissions) to a user, how do I go about it?
     The Supervisor user can add/delete and edit the users data from the contract. From the options menu, access the user management tab, which will allow you to change the users’ privileges.
  • Can I delete shifts?
     Yes. But only those where there has been no show (red) or with no exit registered (yellow).
  •  Can I create a shift scheduled for today?
     Yes. If after having planned a schedule where the start of the shift is subsequent to the actual time plus the delayed contract time (of 30 minutes by default) a link is activated “create todays’ shift”. Clicking on this you create a shift for todays’ date. On the section Sign up a Shift it describes how to go about doing it.
  •  What happens when there are a lot of shifts in red?
    Red shifts indicate that the shift scheduled has not been completed to the planned schedule. If your employee is working a different timetable we advise you change his/her schedule so the shifts are closed in the correct status. If at the end of the day the page displays all as red, no phone calls have been recorded as made from an unknown location or calls from anonymous employees, this means that phone calls have not been made.
  •  Can I make notes on the shifts?
     Yes, by editing a shift you can add a note to it itself.
  •  Is it possible to amend the entry and exit times of the scheduled shift?
    Yes, by editing a shift you can change the times scheduled. At no point can you amend the real time to correspond with the phone calls already made.
  •  Can I change the colour of an unscheduled shift (blue) into a correct shift (green)?
    Yes, by editing the shift and adding the start and finish time.
  •  How can I be rest assured that the web TamTam is trustworthy and safe?
     Our company ensures all data is handled in the strictest confidentiality. It is our responsibility to ensure that the data introduced can only strictly be accessed by the SUPERVISOR and those persons authorised. The data is safeguarded in servers protected both physically and under best practise. In addition the purchase coupons/vouchers utility is backed up by the banking system institution, and the data used is not registered in any file or service, they are immediately eliminated once the operation has be completed.
  •  I have a problem or a question that the current FAQs are not able to answer, where else could I possibly find this answer?
     You can solve many queries you may have by consulting the TamTam Home manual. If even then you are not able to find an answer to your question you can send us an email with your query via email to our TamTam technical department: [email protected]
  •  How do you pay for coupons?
     The coupons can be paid electronically by a bankcard through the payment gateway
  • How can I be assured this is a safe payment gateway via this web? 
     Payment via virtual POS guarantees that the card’s details will travel encrypted directly from the purchaser to the intermediate bank and TamTam will never at any point see them.