FAQ's TamTam-Professional

  • How does TamTam professional work?
    The employee makes a free call on entrance and exit of his/her day/shift from a telephone located in the premises or office that he/she works from. These calls are registered in TamTam’s Data Base, which can be consulted online from any location and device with an Internet connection.
  • How do we start in TamTam professional?
    The first step would be to access the website www.etamtam.com with the key provided to you by your distributor. The “first upload” is established with the work center and employees details. Once this has been completed the system is ready to process and receive phone calls. 
  • Who uploads the TamTam Professional information?
    YOU YOURSELF CAN UPLOAD, REFRESH OR EDIT THE DATA IN TAMTAM PROFESSIONAL, although should you wish we do provide the service “initial upload” as well as editing and updating the data; contact your distributor. 
  • How long does it take to be in operation? 
     Once the “initial data upload” is done TamTam is ready to start. It normally takes on average a question of between a few minutes or a few hours, if it has available this initial data.
  • What’s the difference between technology TamTam Classic and TamTam Code? 
    For TAMTAM CLASSIC each employee calls their own number which identifies them, from there he/she receives an answer letting him/her know whether it has been carried out correctly or not.
    For TamTam CODE all of the employees phone the same number, they are then asked to provide a personal identification, they are then also informed whether it has been carried out correctly. In this case, the ID recognition can be carried out through keying in a code on the telephone itself or via voice recognition. Both systems guarantee the calls are free.
  • What is the cost to the phone owner?
     Through TamTam THERE ARE ZERO COSTS involved for the person who owns the telephone. TamTam’s own system such as the use of free toll lines “toll free” guarantees ZERO cost for the person who owns the telephone.
  • Does it work with mobiles? 
    TamTam works with any type of telephone. We do recommend you use a landline phone as we can then guarantee that the person who is making the phone call is found in this place at that specific time. For mobiles TamTam does offer its’ clients a geolocation service; contact your distributor. 
  • Do I need to invest any hardware or software to be able to work with TamTam? 
    THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANY TYPE OF HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE TO BE ABLE TO WORK WITH TamTam. All that is required is a computer or device with an Internet access in order to monitor the results. 
  • Is TamTam a trustworthy service? 
    The TamTam service is just as trustworthy as the network communications in the zone from where the phone call is being made. In Spain a 99,9 % of phone calls are made without any reported problems, therefore TamTam phone calls should work equally, as well. Once these calls have been made, NOBODY can edit them, therefore the information you can see displayed on your screen, or the alerts you receive are 100% trustworthy. 
  • How do I know that the TamTam website is reliable and secure?
     The trustworthiness of TamTam is fundamental for its’ software builders. Peixe Software guarantees absolute safety of its’ service, and is submitted regularly to external auditors.
  • How can do we defend ourselves against phishing (identity theft)?
    The TamTam system Code identifies the employee through a personal code. If you are still unsure about your employees, TamTam provides you a voice recognition service; contact your distributor to find out more.
  • I am calling but I cannot hear anything...
    Check the “Employees” tab if the number you are dialing is correct. Also, check whether your phone is working correctly by trying another number. If the case is the main central phone line is not working, TamTam will unfortunately not be able to make it either. 
  • I do everything that tells me but the displays do not appear in TamTam.
    If you have heard the automated voice message "Call has been registered, thank you" it is confirmation that the call has been processed correctly. In a few moments, you should be able to see this call on your screen. Refresh your browser for having it displayed on your screen. 
  • How long does it take to see the control on the TamTam website?
    The process is almost immediate. If the call still does not appear on your screen even after having refreshed your navigator, it is possible there are moments when the server is uploading and the call may take a little while longer to appear. Although it should never exceed more than 10 minutes. 
  • What’s the difference between “NO ENTRY” and “NO EXIT”?
    TamTam works with two incoming telephone calls, one at the start of the shift and one at the end of the shift. If "No entry" is displayed it means the employee has not called in at the beginning of his/her shift. (± amount of time late). If "No exit" is displayed it means the employee did not call on finishing his/her shift (± amount of time late). 
  • What is the maximum number of people I can send SMS and alerts to?
    TamTam allows you to send alerts to a maximum of 8 people. 
  • In which cases does it receive alerts? 
    The alerts for non-shift compliance (lateness) will appear in operation immediately following the moment you have set it up. The system sends out these alerts (via email or SMS) taking into account the amount of delayed time indicated on the contract. 
  • Should I check the web for detecting incidents in the service? 
    It all depends on the kind of incidents you would like to detect. TamTam can let you know whether an employee has had a No entry or No exit to his/her shift/workplace. For any other types of incidents, you should check the web. Remember you can export the information and put together your own survey studies. 
  • Can I modify the TamTam Professional information?
    You can edit all the information you like apart from the data related to the calls registered. This type of information “cannot be edited” thereby ensuring TamTam’s trustworthiness and transparency. 
  • My client does not provide me the data of their work centers. What can I do?
    First of all remind your client that he/she also benefits from the system, and is/her collaboration will bring him/her productive improvements. It would also be a good idea to remind them that there is no cost involved for the calls made. We at TamTam believe in dialogue to resolve these types of problems, but if they persist there are other alternatives to getting this data; contact your distributor. 
  • My company has a switchboard with various outgoing numbers. How can find out which ones they are?
    If you are unable to work out your company’s switchboards’ outgoing numbers, you can contact Help Desk. They will tell you what are the steps to follow.
  • What would happen if one day the telephone network lines were disrupted in a zone?
    Unfortunately, this is a problem that is outside of TamTam’s reach.
  • Can I authorize others to see or manage the data?
    Yes, you can delegate the use of TamTam web to others. Contact your distributor to find out the access keys that you consider necessary and give the other users access to the type of required profiles needed. 
  • I have managed to block my username as I have forgotten my password. What should I do now?
    Contact Help Desk to unblock your account and to request and receive a new password. 
  • I need to add more options (permissions) to a user. How can I do it?
    Contact Help Desk, they will guide you through the steps you need to follow.
  • In order to identify an employee do I always need to use his/her ID number? 
    No, any 8-figure digit can be introduced. The ID number is usually reliable as it is easy to remember and no two other exist. The case could whereby a code is already to be found in use. If this is the case you would need to find another code to be able to identify them by. 
  • Can I create more than one center?
    Yes. As many as you need to have under your control. Consult your distributor and he/she will advise you the best way to group together this information.
  • What happens if I delete a center?
    If you delete a work center its’ telephone numbers, schedules, the type of controls you have made that day and the work center will no longer be visible in TamTam. Although you will be able to consult its’ history up until the day you have deleted it. 
  • What happens if I delete an employee? 
    If you delete an employee you will delete his/her schedules and the checks you have made that day, the telephone number assigned will be DE allocated and will no longer be visible on TamTam. Although you will be able to consult its’ history up until the day you have deleted it. 
  • Can I merge various work centers?
    Of course, although make sure you merge the original sourced telephones so that TamTam can recognize whether the employee is at his/her place of work. 
  • Can I add more than one original sourced telephone number to the center?
    Yes, you can add as many as you like to the work center. The employee can ring from any one of them on entering and from the same one or another on his/her exit from the shift. There are no problems as long as the telephones are registered as located in the place of work. 
  • Can I add more than one schedule to an employee? 
    Yes, you can add all the schedules as needed for the employee in question. Although make sure they do not overlap, even so, though the system will warn you if such an incident happens.
  • What happens if a phone call is made before or after the delayed amount of time indicated on the contract? 
    If this happens TamTam will display a blue telephone icon on the corresponding time and minute. 
  • Am I able to “change” the employees' shifts if they work outside of the scheduled hours?
    Yes. You have the possibility of coinciding the shifts scheduled to coincide with the phone calls. Additional information concerning this point can be found in the TamTam user manual. The only thing you will not be able to edit are the times in which there have been incoming phone calls. Our criterion is that only the phone calls are UNTOUCHABLE. 
  • The automated voice message is telling me "incorrect code". What could be the problem? 
    What has probably happened is the code the employee has been keying in does not coincide with that registered in TamTam. You can verify this by looking at the “Employee” tab. 
  • If I modify an employees’ code. When can he/she start using it?
    You should be able to start using the new code from the moment you have edited it. 
  • Can I control the night shift over two days? 
     Yes. Key in the shifts scheduled and the system will account for them over to the next day.
  • Over the holiday periods, how can I make sure the shifts do not appear in red? 
     You can temporarily deactivate the shifts. On the visualising and edition screen you can edit the shifts through the icon activate/deactivate.
  • Can I delete shifts? 
     Yes. But you can only delete shifts (non compliance) (red) and the “no exit” ones (yellow). On deleting shifts it changes the percentage of compliance positively.
  • Can I create a planned shift for today? 
    Yes, you should do the same as though you are creating a schedule and on clicking on the button save - the following link will appear "Create shift today...". The only thing you need to take into account is that you have to provide a leeway of 30 minutes before starting this next shift.
  • What happens if a lot of shifts are displayed in red? 
    A shift displayed in red signifies somebody has not attended his/her shift or a scheduled planned shift. If you do have a lot of shifts displayed in red it could be due to: - The employee has not turned up to his/her place of work. - The employee has not made the TamTam calls. - The schedule does not correspond to the reality of the employees’ timetable. 
  • Can I add notes to the shift? 
    Yes. Click "Start" like the “history” option, by clicking on the corresponding shift you can add comments on the section “Notes”. 
  • Is it possible to edit the entry and exit of a scheduled shift? 
    Yes, you can edit the shifts although you will only be able to edit the shifts “correct” (green) or “non-scheduled” (blue). You should also take into account that you can only edit the schedule; you can never edit the times the calls have been made. If this is going to be a regular occurrence you should edit the employee’s schedule. 
  • Can I change an unscheduled shift (blue) to a correctly completed shift (green)?
    Yes, access the corresponding shift, click on it and it will appear displayed on your screen with the shift details. In the part underneath you can edit the shift, if you key in the corresponding timetable to this shift. It will change from unscheduled (blue) to compliance correct (green). 
  • Can I assign a specific “TamTam Classic” number to the employee? 
    No. The TamTam Classic numbers are assigned by the system itself. 
  • Can I assign a code to an employee? 
    Yes, on creating the new employee you can assign the corresponding code. The telephone code that he/she should call will be the same for all the employees on the contract. 
  • There exists an employee that works on to two different contracts (different geographical zones or assigned groups). How do I solve this? 
     We have various solutions, but it would be advisable to analyse case by case. Please contact via email the Help Desk so they can analyse the case themselves and find the best solution to it.
  • Today a scheduled planning should have been generated and this has not been the case. Why has this happened? 
     Perhaps it has not been generated due it being a public holiday. TamTam each year adds the national, autonomous, local public holidays as well as the capital provinces and by defect these days do not generate shifts. On the employee’s schedules as well as the days of the week “Fe” appears (public holidays), if you click on it - shifts will be generated for that employee over those public holidays.
  • What happens when I want to unsubscribe? 
     With TamTam there are no exit barriers. You can unsubscribe and sign up at any given time. All that is needed is a 30-day notice. This notice is necessary so we can sign off all the telephone services that we have signed up for you. The TamTam team recommends you speak to your distributor before making a decision.
  • If there is something I cannot do will you help me? 
     TamTam and its’ distributors have a helpline, as well as an email address to be able to respond to your queries. If what you need is another type of assistance on a daily basis, we would be more than happy to offer you training. Do not hesitate in contacting us.
  • I have a problem or a query that TamTam FAQS are unable to answer. Where else could I find this information? 
     You can find a great deal of additional information on the SYSTEM ASSISTANCE, which you will find under the tab "Help Desk". If even then you have been unable to find an answer to your question/problem, you will also find on the very same tab a field box where you can key in your query. From there an email will be sent to our customer service and they will in turn contact you. A customer care telephone number is also available for you to dial to help solve your questions related to TamTam Professional.